Advanced interpretation is a module for high resolution stratigraphic analysis. It includes complementary tools for sequence boundaries modeling, visualization with color blending and automatic geobodies extraction and provides a powerful way to exploit the stratigraphic information from the geological time model.


Sequence Stratigraphy

Build a litho-stratigraphic framework and understand the spatial evolution of the deposits, the relative changes of sea level and the depositional sequences. Transform interactively seismic data in the wheeler domain to understand stratigraphic evolution and define sequences and lithology, in real time, by using logs and markers.

  • Interactive Wheeler Transform
  • Interpret depositional sequences
  • 3D sequence creation
  • Create geological cross sections with lithology
  • Isochores and optimized horizon stacks creation
strat 01

Watertight Model

A sealed geological model can be obtained by converting the Relative Geological Time (RGT) volume into a watertight model. This process is realized interactively using stratigraphic layers from the RGT volume. The sealed geomodel is meshed in 3D, using these geological boundaries, where intersections between faults and horizons is managed. This watertight model can be used for various applications in geomodeling.

  • Interactive layering
  • Watertight horizons and faults
  • Creation of fault polygons
  • Allan diagram for analysis of sealing properties



Color Blending

Color Blending allows to decompose image in 3 differ   ent color channels and play with the image contrast. By assigning attributes or frequency decomposition to each channel, it drastically improves visualization and facilitates the imaging of geological events throughout the seismic.

Various blending methods are proposed, such as RGB (Red, Green Blue), CMY (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow), HSV (Hue, Saturation, Value), HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness).

  • Real time attribute and frequency blending
  • Apply to Volumes, Arbitrary lines and Horizons
  • Improve geological events imaging
  • 2D and 3D Display