horizon 04


In addition to all classical tools for traditional horizon interpretation, an unlimited number of horizons, also called "horizon stack", can be obtained from the geologic time model. It enables a continuous stratal-slicing throughout the seismic volume for data recognition, detection of prospect leads or comprehension of reservoir architecture at a fine scale. Horizon flattening options are also available.


Horizon Interpretation

Horizon Stack

  • Manual picking tools
  • Multi seeds horizon tracker
  • Attribute mapping and contouring options
  • Interpolation, propagation
  • Enables stratal-slicing
  • Sub-seismic accuracy
  • Unlimited number
  • Geological events detection


Horizon flattening

Understand the depositional history of a region at different geologic ages by flattening the seismic volume according to a single horizon. The flattening can be applied on the fly and is fully interactive with the rest of the viewers. Moreover, flattening on a horizon stack becomes a powerful way to dynamically remove structural and deformation effects and understand stratigraphic deposits at different geological ages.

  • Real time flattening from a single horizon
  • Dynamic flattening from stratal-slices
  • Interactive between seismic and flattened domain
  • Interpretate in the flattened space