The Core Platform is the new generation of seismic interpretation platform. It includes all the necessary tools for a complete interpretation workflow, for data I/O, horizon and fault interpretation, rapid data screening and navigation in a fully integrated 2D and 3D environment, running on Windows®.

High Performance

  • Parallel computing with latest multi core technologies
  • CPU/GPU acceleration
  • Integrated 2D and 3D environment
  • Rapid data screening

User friendly environment

  • Excellent interactivity between viewers
  • Manage seismic, horizons, faults, wells and culture
  • Volume merge, scuplting and smoothing
  • Handle large data set
  • Mapping gridding options available
  • Multi survey management
  • Sessions, custom settings options
  • Simple data base and data exchanger system
  • Support standard formats (SEG-Y, ASCII, …)