Rock physics information measured or calculated from well log data can be propagated in the seismic volume. This module includes several propagation methods, based on the geological time model, and the relative and absolute coloured inversion process.

Well log information can be populated in the seismic volume using the geologic time model as guideline. Various methods of propagation, such as inverse distance, kriging and co-kriging, are proposed in an intuitive interface offering real time preview on surface or cross section along wells.

This unique workflow constrained by the geology has numerous domains of application such as seismic inversion, reservoir characterization, geological correlation, velocity model building and synthetic seismic generation.

  • Propagate well log properties guided by geological time model
  • Methods: inverse distance, kriging or co-krigingPredict rock physics distribution
  • Generate synthetic seismic volumes
  • Constrain velocities volume for time/depth conversion
  • Real time preview
  • Intuitive and useful for Quantitative Interpretation applications


Properties Modeling 01