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Floating License: 

Free 30-day trial

Eliis provides you a free 30-day temporary license to evaluate PaleoScan and have an overview of the full range of its functionalities. Associated test data set and documentation will be provided. The temporary license will give you a full access to the software. If you wish to evaluate the last version of PaleoScan, please fill in the license request form, you will obtain all details to access our extranet.

Node Locked: 

Software demonstration

If you wish to have a presentation and a live demonstration of PaleoScan, Eliis can provide an on-site presentation or welcome you to our office in Montpellier (France) or in Houston (USA) for a full demonstration of the software. Short processing on data can also be realized for a better assessment of the technology. If you wish to have a private presentation during an event (exhibition, conference, congress), please contact us.

Set up


Floating License

A floating license can be a WAN (World Area Network) or a LAN (Local Area Network). Anyone on the network can use the software, up to the limit specified in the license file. The LAN consists in an installation across a single client’s network within one city. The WAN consists in an installation across a single client’s global network. Network licensing requires to setup a Flexnet license server (provided by Eliis) on a 64 bits windows server.

PaleoScan - Floating License Activation (pdf, 826 KB)

Dongle Key

A dongle key license is a mobile license for a single user
Material additional cost : 150 €

PaleoScan - Dongle Key License Activation (pdf, 957 KB)




Node Locked

A node locked license is a license for a specific computer. No license server or additional license tool is required

PaleoScan - Node Locked License Activation (pdf, 941 KB)

Flexnet / External Drivers

Microsoft Redistribuable Package

If you have some issues when starting the software (an error message warns you there are some missing components or libraries), please download and install the microsoft redistribuable packages.
For all Paleoscan
versions, download the below libraries, then install the 2 setups:
Redist for windows 64 bit (zip, 28 MB)



If you are using a floating license, you have to download Eliis daemon:

64 bits daemon (zip, 1 MB)

Network license tools

64 bits tool (zip, 2 MB)

Dongle key tools 

64 bits drivers (zip, 39 MB)


Please find below the minimum/recommended hardware configuration to run PaleoScanTM







Windows® 7/8/10 (64-bit)


4-core or 6-core

8-core or 16-core


16 GB


Storage Drive

Hard disk with fast rotationnal speed (> 7200 rpm)


Graphic card

512 MB NVIDIA® / ATI® graphic card

2 GB NVIDIA® / ATI® graphic card

*CPU are more effective with higher clock rate and larger cache