PaleoScan™ 2018 is now available. PaleoScan proposes an innovative platform to fully interpret 2D seismic lines, as for 3D, using a global approach. Geoscientists will be able to apply PaleoScan™ comprehensive methodology on more types of projects in new venture, exploration and development.
The main features in PaleoScan™ 2018:

•    Global Multi-line 2D Interpretation
•    Upgrades on 3D Relative Geological Time
•    Innovative Horizon Tracking
•    Denoising, Attributes and Color Blending
•    Cross plot on well/log data
•    Automatic Classification using SOM and KMean
•    Gross Rock Volume Calculation
•    Coordinate System Management
•    Gross Rock Volume Calculation
•    Velocity Model updates (Dix/Average/RMS Velocities)
•    New Interpolation methods (kriging, diffusion, etc.)
•    Export of color blended volumes and horizons
•    OpenWorks® link
•    … and more

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