This 1-day workshop is organised on the Friday of the APPEA 2019 conference. It covers the very core of PaleoScan's technology: 'scanning' through your seismic data in a very short time window with great confidence.
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For who

Anyone working on seismic data looking to investigate innovative solutions to help them extract more out of their data.

31st May 2019 
From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm



Brisbane - Australie
Venue TBC



Lunch included



PaleoScan™ Workshop - 

Rapid Seismic Reconnaissance


The purpose of this workshop is for you to leave with a good understanding of how PaleoScan can help you in a "data room" scenario.

The course will be run on datasets from  Australia and New Zealand. Applications in geology, geophysics, sedimentology, rock physics and quantitative interpretation will be presented. 

The Course will be run on the latest version of PaleoScan™  2018:

·         3D Interpretation

o    Building a "GeoTime Model" in PaleoScan

o    Integrating your existing interpretations

o    Extracting value out of your model: Horizon Stacks, attribute mapping, geobodies...

·         Insights on the other good stuff, and new features

o    Calibrating to well data

o    Automatic fault extraction

o    Exporting a geo-cellular grid 'flow-simulation' ready


Workstations, PaleoScan and datasets will be provided by Eliis.

We look forward to seeing you in Brisbane



Event date: 
Friday, May 31, 2019 - 09:00