PaleoScanTM Training offer

Eliis offers a PaleoScan™ fundamentals training course where participants learn how to efficiently create accurate geological models. During the course they discover all the functionalities of PaleoScan and how to apply them to their projects. The course consists in a combination of theoretical presentations and of practical exercises on seismic datasets. It explains the fundamentals of PaleoScan and how to become proficient with the software. Training datasets and manuals are provided.

An advanced training course can be delivered for the optimization of interpretation workflows and for the presentation of PaleoScan™ add-on modules.

PaleoScanTM Custom Training offer

A complementary custom-made course can be provided to emphasize hands-on learning. The participants bring their own dataset and with the assistance of Eliis experts learn how to initialize their project and obtain the first results from their data.


Training courses can be held on-site at your company’s location, at independent training centers of major business locations worldwide, or at our office in Montpellier, France.

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